What We Do

bitSmith Games was formed in 2012 by 3 friends with big dreams of making great games. We were quickly joined by 2 more foolhardy adventurers and our merry band of 5 strides fearlessly in to the gaping maw of GameDev wilderness.

We have been involved with advising the Irish government  grow of the local games industry as well as helping several Irish Third Level Institutions on their course curriculum and have mentored and supported several younger games companies. In addition, bitSmith has worked hard to create strong ties to other European game development communities, speaking and showing their games all over Europe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become great at what we do. To learn and to grow and to fail and to learn again and in doing so, honing our individual and collective craft. We hope one day soon, to stand toe to toe with our game-dev heroes as makers of great fun and mischief.