bitSmith Games are:

Owen Harris - @theAllThing

Game Design, Production, Evil Overlord

Owen has worked in games for 5 years, on huge international AAA teams and on tiny experimental art games. He teaches game design and production on DIT's MSc in Creative Digital Media and is part of Games Ireland, a body that advises the Government on the growth of the Games Industry. In addition to this he runs dubLUDO, a developer meet up designed to improve the quality of all games being produced in Ireland. He likes to talk and loves attention.


Basil Lim - @FireWaterSun

Art, Animation, Game Design, Jelly Munching

Basil has worked in the games industry for 3 years, on multiple projects of varying scope, as well as producing assets for film and animation. He lectures visual design and asset creation on courses in DIT, Pulse College and Griffith College and is heavily involved with growing the next generation of game artists in Ireland.


Ralph Croly - @Wavioli

UI/Web/Game Design, Sound, Code, Sarcastic Remarks

Ralph has seven+ years of web design and UI experience, working for such companies as IQ Content, Brando, Softco, Lightbox, and Dara Design. He has also been heavily involved in the Irish short film scene, providing a platform for film makers through Future Shorts Ireland, which he curated and ran for 4 years, bringing the event to many locations around Ireland. He also lectures in DIT and Griffith College


Paul Conway - @Sticky_Brain

Game Design, Level Design, Code, Podcast Hijacker

Paul has been making games since he was 12 years old. He has an intense interest in the game modding scene and his breakout mod 'Craggy Island' led him to joining bitSmith Games in 2011. He is the brains behind FranknJohn. He has worked with RTE to produce game content for 'Fame & Fortune' and has worked alongside international indie teams on a number of games. He teaches Games Production and Programming in a number of Irish colleges.


Robby Becker - @RobbyBecker

Programming, AI, Game Design, Narcoleptic

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