bitSmith Games
Based in Dublin, Ireland

Founding date:
May 1st, 2012




bitSmith Games


bitSmith Games is an Irish independent game studio focused on making the types of games that they loved to play growing up.


Little bits

bitSmith Games formed from a Masters student team, where they worked on transitioning their final project into a commercial thing. During this transition, the team grew in size from three to five and have been on a crazy journey since. Together, they’ve travelled across the world, to GDC and various other awesome conferences and shows and have formed a formidable bond and sampled the worlds best burgers.

Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan

Owen was yearning for more core experiences on his shiny new iPad. As a huge fan of old-school adventure games and there being a distinct lack of Celtic inspired games, Ku was contrived and developed with a meagre budget. It’s lead platform was iPad, but it was soon brought to iPhone and Android. It received positive review scores and took Edge Magazines ‘iPad Game of the Month’ for February 2013. Just recently, Ku made it through Greenlight and is now available on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux.


As Ku was shipped, the team were looking for inspiration for their next project. Paul put together a small prototype and showed it to the team. A game where you control Frankenchild that can swing his chained head around and smash stuff up? Sold.

They brought a more developed prototype to GDC13 and feedback was great. Since then, they took it to the Eurogamer and Rezzed Expos and exposed the game to thousands of people. Ben Prunty, of FTL fame, has signed up to record the full soundtrack, which quote “blew our minds”. They will be launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon and plan to launch on early access a short time after.

A decision they took early on with FranknJohn, was to open up it’s development to the community. They are live-streaming large chunks of it’s development and hope to engage with their players on an open, honest and intimate level.

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