Quest: Help send us to PAX!

Hey there FranknPeeps!

You may have noticed that we've been awfully quiet around these parts lately. When our Kickstarter campaign ended all the way back in July, we all boarded a ship reminiscent of the kestral, took a trip through a worm-hole and ended up on some tiny planet that is about to be consumed by it's own dying red giant. Good thing then, that we didn't like it there anyway and are now back in the Milky Way, safe and sound on our little rotating rock. 

Yep, I'm way too excited for Interstellar.

In a ways the journey we've gone through has felt a little bit like space travel. We can look through a lens and see what is in the distance, but until you actually take the journey, you have no idea what you're up against. Another day, I will open up on my experiences with Kickstarter. I think it was wise to take some distance from it and analyse it through sense rather than emotion. Today's blog is about a much happier subject!

YES! Of course we are still working on FranknJohn. You didn't think he'd stay 10 feet under forever, did you? He has questions that need answering and a burning desire to smash uglies in the face... with his face. We have been hard at work on developing the remaining game systems, which we will detail in the coming weeks (Surgical table for body modifications, upgradeable hub to name a few) and best of all, we now have a really clear vision for the game and will work tirelessly to deliver the best experience we can.

Today's blog brings with it a Quest. An epic Quest that I am issuing to you. Recently, we were invited to attend PAX15 (Penny Arcade Expo) in Boston next March. This is a HUGE opportunity for us to expose the game stateside. Of course, this costs a lot of money. Money that we would love to have. With that, we have opened pre-orders for the game!

This will grant you a Steam key for the game as soon as it launches on Early Access (early 2015) and also our eternal gratitude. You will also avail of a spiffing discount (full retail price $20/€15).

The quest is to reach 220 sales. If we hit that, one of us can go to PAX. There will be a counter updated daily on the pre-order page ( so you can see how we're doing! You can help us greatly by simply spreading the word. We can do this together.

Until next time,

Paul and the team