Indie game devs! Put your game into our game!

Oh indie games, how we love you. Little parcels of love and art and bytes and bits. We want to play you. We want to be near you! We want you to be IN us!

Wait, that sounded wrong, let me back up.










Right now we a hard at work on FranknJohn, our own little indie cake. It’s a game with HUNDREDS of power-ups that we call Skullcaps. These Skullcaps change the game in all sorts of ways, some simple (a demons head that shoots fireballs), some strange (a space ship that warps you to a random point in the level) and some insane (a sentient bomb, that if disturbed, will destroy the universe). Designing and building them is the most fun part of making the game, but we want more.

We want you!

It doesn’t matter how weird and different your game is. It doesn’t matter that you are making a twine text adventure, we want to make it in to a Scull Cap!

Sound good?
Send us a Tweet and we’ll take it from there!

Let’s make something weird together!