Final Weeks

Hey Game Bloggers!

We are coming up to launch, so close we're sick of saying so close, but we are. So with that in mind, if you write for a games company, or keep your own blog, we would love to hear from you - we will answer most questions - just get in contact with us. We have multiple lines of communication open, including via our website, Facebook, Twitter, skywriting. We'd also love to know what you would like in your ideal press pack, telling you about the game. We probably can't do what Diablo III did but still, some cool collectables are definitely possible.

For all you non-game bloggers, are you ever interested in finding out more stuff? I was not aware of some of the sites that existed out there - some are really insightful. Here are a few we love:

Rock Paper Shotgun


Edge Magazine

GameLife on

What Games Are



Game Developer Magazine

Video Games Blogger

Giant Bomb 

Sexy Video Game Land

That Game Company 

There are likely loads more that we aren't aware of, but these are a great start.


We are preparing our giveaway. Can't say much as yet, but it's amazing. It's an object from the game, one that is very close to Kú himself. Can you guess it? You can if you want but that's not how you're going to win it. We'll announce everything on our Facebook, both for bitSmith Games and .

Greenlight updates

We still need those likes and attention! If you or any of your friends are on Steam, give us an old like. Let us join the ranks of Black Mesa, Project Zomboid, and others. Incidentally, good job, guys. That's quite awesome.

Baz will be throwing up an in-depth analysis of the Greenlight process and evolution (it's quite exciting being in it from its beginnings).

Here's one of the cut scenes from the game - pretty cool stuff!


It's not just Rooster Teeth who can do podcasts. Tonight it's all stars night: us, BatCat Games, Paddy Murphy from 2PaperDolls, Lee Cullen from, and maybe some mystery guests. Who knows? We're kooky that way. Either way, more details will be up on our social networking sites, so watch this space.


Coming in November - start getting your teams together! Even though you are meant to start it there, and come up with the ideas on your own, and you do, it's a good idea to find a team in advance, know what each are like - where their strengths are and where the idea will go with them on board. Even knowing a bit of code that can do basic things (most themes are fairly inclusive, so knowing how to construct a hitting or running mechanic, for example, in advance, probably wouldn't hurt). It's more like training for it, if you don't create games that often.


Some of the comments we get are like abstract anarchist poetry. Oh (spam)bots. We do love you. We love how you are always thinking of things we may like, such as designer shoes, and presenting it in such a creative way. Your little messages brighten up our day, and the sad truth is, because your comments are so special to us, we simply are too selfish to publish them and thus share them with the world. We hope you understand. Hopefully you will find less stupid hosts at some point. Who knows, maybe they will buy your EXCITING(*)PRODUCTS. End transmission.