Dont call it a Comeback!


We're still here! Things have been quiet here in blogland, take it as a sign that we have been busy! Not just a sign, we have been busy! So lets fill you all in on the latest.

FranknJohn Announcement!

Just in case you weren't able to attend State of Play last Friday, we announced who would be making the music for FranknJohn, and it is... drumroll please ...


Ben Prunty! Yes, he of FTL fame!

Surprise! I'm making the music for roguelike twin-stick brawler FranknJohn! Follow @bitSmithGames for more info.

— Ben Prunty (@benprunty) November 29, 2013

We are super excited to hear what he comes up with, and we'll share anything we can as soon as possible!

Media Coverage

If you missed it earlier today - we just had an awesomewrite up in Eurogamer, but we've had a fewmoreover the course of the last few months. Check 'em.


We've submitted FranknJohn to the IGF. Wish us luck! We also were picked as one of Indie Statik's 50 Very Cool IGF 2014 Entries That We’ve Never Heard Of BatCat's Honourbound got a mention too!

EuroGamer Expo

At the end of September the team packed up our bags and headed over to the immense Earls Court to show off FranknJohn as part of the EuroGamerExpo. We were right beside the Chaos Engine (my 12 year old self doesn't believe me!):


It was fantastic to have so many people come and play the game, definitely the most exposure we've had to date!


So at the moment we are putting the finishing touches to the second area of FranknJohn, the Garden of Denial, and preparing ourselves for a Kickstarter campaign, starting in February! Head over to and add your email to the mailing list to be notified of the campaign.


So Ku is still hanging about on Greenlight, but we have now (thanks to your help, as well as Valve speeding things up a bit!) broken into the top 100! Thanks for your support - if you haven't voted yet, then do so immediately! Ku on Greenlight

That's all the news for now, here's Morrigan with the weather