Combat! Dialogue! RAAARGHH!



We're mostly focusing on combat mechanics at the moment at bitSmith Games, it's really shaping up! Each member works on a different move of Kú - spins, rolls, what weapons or attacks he gets, learns and uses. It's really exciting stuff, and you learn each move as you go along. The more you explore, the more you learn! They're really shaping up visually, too, the feedback you can get from certain attacks is top-notch.


At the moment we're working on dialogue - what characters speak, when they do, and whether that tells you anything. You can be sure that they certainly won't tell you everything - even throughout the game. If everything is explained, it's no fun.

It's definitely going to be interesting - the fact that the game is based on the legend of Cú Chulainn means that hints from the story, design aesthetic and even old texts could be explored. There's so much scope for development! (Which can mean that sometimes the decisions made exclude some really cool stuff. Of course, that stuff isn't cut out forever, it could be in the next episode.) We had the talented John Conway in and talked through a load of possibilities, it's going to be very exciting.


Last week we showed you one of our settings - the cave. This week, the lake!

Ku at the Lake

Some of the animations may feature next week. Keep an eye out for our arena - that's our next challenge. Arenas tend to feature attacks in waves - different kinds of enemies that escalate in number and ferocity as time goes on. Kú mainly explores places so an arena is going to be a shift from the explore-puzzle-boss game-play that mainly features.


We've mentioned it before, but definitely keep an eye on our tumblr. Any articles, artwork, competitions, things like that, will feature on it, as well as here. Edge magazine has some really interesting work on games genres, for example, and it's a great place to find out who we like, as well as inspiration, other amazing game devs, all that.

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