The bits: a pounding hammer of news from bitSmith Games


Hey guys. A huge amount has happened over the last few weeks. We have been deep in the final stage of production and building out the last few areas of Kú. I am having computer problems today, so what better time to write a blog post and fill you in on what has been going on and where we are at.


I managed to fulfill a life goal and attend GDC in San Francisco. In fact we all did. The full bitSmith Games crew headed over and dove in to GDC. It was absolutely amazing! I got to meet many of my personal heroes, other indie developers and industry experts of every flavor.

Perhaps the most important is that we got a lot of people to play the game. The feed-back there was hugely helpful and encouraging, and we have since incorporated some key nuggets in to the game.

bitSmith Games meets Notch at GDC


Earlier this year we embarked in the epic form filling quest of CSF application. In case you don't know, the CSF or Competitive Start Fund, is an amazing initiative from Enterprise Ireland, that provides promising start-ups with funding and mentoring to accelerate their growth.

We were one of the lucky 15 to be picked this round. The money is going to make a huge difference to our development and launch, we are investigating the possibility of bringing Kú to the PC and Mac and we will have a marketing budget in place for launch.

Fund It

Going on Fund It was fantastic, we have written about it here before. What is exciting is that all the rewards have either arrived or are on their way. Once every thing is in we will be holding a thank you event and sending it all out. Woo woo!

Kú is almost done! Well almost almost. We will be hitting Alpha at the end of next week. From there we will be spending the next few weeks, testing, balancing and polishing. We'll also be producing a trailer that we are all super excited to share with the world.

New Smiths

We are growing. Paul, our level designer extraordinaire, has joined us full time, forsaking his XtraVision overlords! Whats more, Robby Becker of Free Wheel Games has joined us part time to pitch in on the code. This has had a HUGE impact on productivity. We are actually ahead of schedule. Its amazing and we are lucky to be able to work with such talented people.