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Being social

This past week has been a bit more lively in terms of letting collective hair down. At the moment, it's a pretty exciting time for games in Ireland. Indie dev meetups are springing up all over the place, Scratch has really taken off in schools all over Ireland, Coder's all happening. This week, however, was the launch of the Digit Game Studios, a new warehouse studio in Dublin, off Pearse Street. Not only is it built of sturdy enough stone to ward off any potential zombie/raptor invasion, it has whiteboard arches. (This might be just me being easily impressed and wanting to be allowed write on walls.)

The founders, CEO Richard Barnwell, CMO Martin Frain, Art Director Fergus Duggan, and David McGovern have all worked previously in places such as Jolt, Atari, EA, Popcap, Swordfish Studios, Monumental Games, and others.

It was a most excellent event, beginning in the studios where we could move from room to room and admire all (including the metal sculpture of Alien in the lift). From there, we moved on to Ely wine bar for more of feeling trendy and like Ireland is about to become an indie games hub.

That wasn't the only event this week, though. The Lombard Bar on Pearse Street was hosting an informal get-together of game developers and interested parties on Friday. A good place to meet people in a very low-pressure setting, and to meet the people from forums (hopefully to the good). If you would like to get further involved in the scene, this is one of the less-pressure ways. Best idea is to keep an eye on the Game Developers Calendar and hit up the forums while you're at it.

Another launch is that of Simple Lifeforms' iPad game Vampire Cities - the Kickstarter. Worth checking out!

All in all, a busy week, but all managed to get some serious work done at the same time. Our team can party AND code. Winning formula. This week...


We've been showcasing our levels design so far but here's a gorgeous image of our bull. Part puzzle, part scene, all amazing, and you'll find out more when you play it.

We're also working on making all the elements that we have been perfecting individually flow together, it's really getting there. Attacks and arenas, navigation, creatures, they're all coming, just watch this space. Also keep an eye on our tumblr blog for other cool stuff. We're thinking of other giveaways to put up on the blog, random based competitions. Is there anything you'd really like to win, that we haven't thought of before? Let us know!


We're working on putting together a trailer at the moment. It's really exciting, a wholly different kind of design in many ways. There are some great videos on GDC Vault about how to make a successful games trailer - it has to be different from a game, from an interview, from a normal trailer. The iPad game trailer is a genre unto itself in many ways. One amazing one is Swords and Sworcery. So many decisions to be made for such a seemingly short one. There are some fairly exciting possibilities regarding the music. Watch this space!


bitSmith Games had our own contribution to the colourful weekend that was Pride Dublin. Pride! Hope anybody who was at it had a blast.

bitSmith Games Pride

Tune in next week for more shenanigans, and see some more cool stuff!

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